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Important Notices

  • 4th of July Deliveries

    We will be delivering on Thursday July 4th! If you will not be in town for the holiday please make sure to add a service skip through your online portal or call the dairy at 313-381-8858 ext 1 to let us know! Otherwise we'll see everyone like normal on Thursday! Have a safe and happy 4th of July from our family to yours!

  • Winter is HERE

    With the upcoming weather forecast please remember to get your milk inside as quickly as possible to avoid freezing. If you're not normally home for your delivery please make sure to set a cooler out with an old towel in it to help insulate the glass bottles to keep them from freezing as fast. Glass is an amazing thing for the environment, however the environment is not always great for glass as it has no expansion properties like plastic so the bottles will shatter if left outside too long.

  • Christmas and New Years Deliveries

    Monday customers will be the only customers affected by the upcoming holidays! Monday deliveries will be moved up to Saturday for both holidays so you will receive your deliveries on Saturday the 23rd and Saturday the 30th. Please be sure to make all changes to your order by 4pm on Friday to ensure the delivery drivers have everything you need for your holiday deliveries! Tuesday customers will need to have any changes made by 4pm on Saturday as our office will be closed for the holidays, but your delivery will still be made as usual on Tuesday. Thank you so much for an amazing year and we hope your homes are filled with all the love and happiness you deserve in the upcoming year!

  • Please take a moment to review new pricing

    Although we have tried our best to keep expenses low, our operating costs have increased significantly across the board, from everything from packaging to ingredients. After carefully reviewing the finances we've made the difficult decision to increase our prices. Please take a moment to review these prices either through your portal or on our website at www.calderdairy.com and clicking on the home delivery tab for a full list of products and prices. We know how difficult this economy is for everyone and want you to know how very grateful we are that you still choose us. If there's anything we can be doing to make your experience better please let us know! Thank you so much for being a part of our family! We wouldn't be here without you! <3

  • Ground beef from our own cows available for delivery!

    Raised and fed on our farm in Carleton, and processed locally in Hillsdale Michigan! Not your typical ground beef! Our ground beef is the whole cow not just the scraps left over after taking out the prime meat. Full of flavor and ready for delivery! Find it in the featured product tab or in "udder great products" ***Please note that the beef is frozen, but it's still not quite cold enough to keep it frozen so if you won't be home for your delivery please make sure you leave a cooler out for your driver to leave it in so it doesnt sit outside.

  • Welcome fall!

    Its officially fall which means Blakes apple cider is back! <3 Pumpkin ice cream is officially back as well so if you're feeling these cold weather fall vibes make sure to add them to your deliveries! =)

  • For a limited time-Farm Fresh Pork and Beef!

    While supplies last we will be offering pork bundles at our 9334 Finzel rd location! Raised and fed right on our farm in Carleton and then processed in Jerome Michigan! Fresh pork right from your backyard! If you have any questions please feel free to give the office a call at 313-381-8858 and press 1 or stop in at the farm to see what we have available! If you are interested in Michigan raised beef Brian Reaume is selling Quarter, Half, and whole steers! Those you will customize yourself and pick up in Jerome Michigan. Please call Brian at 734-277-4364 for more information!

  • Happy 4th of MOO-ly!

    The 4th of July falls on a Tuesday this year! Deliveries will be made as usual with no rescheduling so if you won't be home for the holiday please make sure you skip the delivery in your web portal or call us at 313-381-8858 to cancel your delivery for the day. Thank you!

  • Easter Egg Nog is here!

    Back for a limited time we have egg nog available now through Easter! If you're someone who loves egg nog all year long make sure you get a few extra bottles and stash them in the freezer! When you're ready just take them out and thaw them in the refrigerator and they'll taste just as good as the day you froze them!

  • Winter is here!

    We know it sounds silly to ask you to leave a cooler out in the winter since we normally associate them with warm sunny days and keeping your drinks cool but with temperatures dropping this week it's important to find a way to keep your products out of the conditions so that they don't crack and freeze. An old towel placed in your cooler can help keep your milk from freezing so quickly. Glass bottles are great for the environment but they do leave quite a mess when they freeze and crack so we reccomend getting them inside and in the fridge as quickly as possible after delivery.

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